ditto 14
& FanHistoriCon 11
October 12-14, 2001
Bloomington, Illinois
FanHistoricon Speaker: Jack Speer

The High Price of Fanac - Art by Linda Michaels

Fanzines and fan history? Of course.

The 14th edition of ditto, the friendly fanzine fansí convention, was held in October 2001 at the Tucker Hotel in Bloomington, Ill. This year, ditto was combined with FanHistoriCon for a weekend of festivities fêting fine fannish traditions.

You missed discussions of fanzines, fannish history, fandom in general and the best ways to preserve them. It was great fun.

Do good. Avoid evil. Pub your ish.

Your hosts: Dick Smith, Leah Zeldes Smith, Wilson "Bob" Tucker, Fern Tucker, Henry Welch and Letha Welch.

FanHistoriCon Speaker — Jack F Speer

ATTENDING MEMBERS: Forrest J Ackerman, Lynne Aronson, Mark Aronson, Don Ayres, Judy Bemis, Bill Bowers, Linda Bushyager, Dan Caldwell, Bill Cavin, Cokie Cavin, Rob Chilson, Catherine Crockett, Jane Dennis, Scott Dennis, Howard DeVore, Carolyn Doyle, Alex Eisenstein, Phyllis Eisenstein, Kurt Erichsen, Naomi Fisher, George Flynn, Steve Francis, Sue Francis, Beverly Friend, D. Gary Grady, Teddy Harvia, Carolyn Hickman, Mark Hickman, Colin Hinz, Cris Kaden, Neil Kaden, Mary Kay Kare, Hope Leibowitz, Eric Lindsay, Sam Long, Nicki Lynch, Richard Lynch, David Miller, Pat Molloy, Murray Moore, Erik Olson, Mark Olson, Priscilla Olson, Tony Parker, Gary Plumlee, Neil Rest, Jim Rittenhouse, Susan Rittenhouse, Alan Rosenthal, Dave Rowe, Ron Salomon, Peggy Rae Sapienza, Joyce Scrivner, Steven Silver, Pat Sims, Roger Sims, Dick Smith, Leah Zeldes Smith, Ben Solon, David Sooby, Jack Speer, Dick Spelman, Edie Stern, Keith Stokes, Jon Stopa, Diana Thayer, Gregg Trend, Fern Tucker, Wilson "Bob" Tucker, Tom Veal, Pat Virzi, Bob Webber, Toni Weisskopf, Jerry Weist, Henry Welch, Letha Welch, John Widmer, Art Widner, David Williams, Joel Zakem.

SUPPORTING MEMBERS: Harry Andrushak, Tom Beck, Ned Brooks, Cy Chauvin, Karen Cooper, Moshe Feder, Deb Geisler, Janice Gelb, Ben Liberman, Robert Lichtman, Bill Mallardi, Laurie Mann, Keesan Meltzer, Catherine Mintz, Michael Pins, Andrew I. Porter, Sarah Prince, Joe Siclari, Laurraine Tutihasi, Michael Waite, Bobb Waller.

For more information about ditto 14, write the address above, or e-mail to rhes@enteract.com.
Spirits of Things Past
ditto 14 Fanzine of Progress

Progress reports are available in Adobe PDF format (you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to display them):

ditto 15 will be held in 2002 in Toronto. The committee, lead by Murray Moore, intends to sign a facility for sometime in October if possible. Links to that convention's information will be added here when they are known. There is additional information available on the history of ditto at Neil Kaden's Web of Ditto web site.
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